I feel morally responsible to help others come to an informed opinion and to get involved in the political process. I have become painfully aware that so many people are unaware of things our government is doing, and has done. It is become blatantly clear that people have lost faith, interest, and passion in politics and have become apathetic ...and the bad guys are winning now. 
Bernie Sanders is the President we need to bring about the patriotic and political revolution that is  very needed in our government and country if we want to leave our world, let alone society , behind in a habitable and just way for our future generations.

 The time has come where now we have kids, we are straddled with student loan debt, we are the ones making an average of $4000 dollars less yearly since 1999, we are chasing our tails monthly, our parents are getting older, our world is being abused, our government is corrupt, we don't know if our jobs will keep their benefits or if we will have a job with benefits when we start working, we want our small business to thrive, we want to send our kids to college, we want to go to the hospital without going bankrupt, we are the ones doing the adulting. 

We need to understand how our government works and understand who is working for who, and influencing our country.


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