Sunday, October 11, 2015

Politics Matter

Politics matter because they’re affecting Everyone. 
Politics affect me.. my family, my friends, veterans, mentally ill, seniors, middle class, our neighbors. With everything that I have learned the last few months tirelessly researching and that we need discussion. 

I feel morally responsible to help others come to an informed opinion and to get involved in the political process. I have become painfully aware that so many people are unaware of things our government is doing, and has done. It is become blatantly clear that people have lost faith, interest, and passion in politics and have become apathetic ...and the bad guys are winning now. So many people are throwing critical thinking out the window and there is nothing more jarring than adults refusing to look at a hard core fact and dismiss it for fiction. It is almost terrifying. That means those were our teachers... who taught us how to learn....refusing blatant fact. Or people are so hung up on stereotypes that they can't see the forrest for the trees. We have to grow together and be more accepting more open and less critical if we want this ship to stay floating.

 The time has come where now we have kids, we are straddled with student loan debt, we are the ones making an average of $4000 dollars less yearly since 1999, we are chasing our tails monthly, our parents are getting older, our world is being abused, our government is corrupt, we don't know if our jobs will keep their benefits or if we will have a job with benefits when we start working, we want our small business to thrive, we want to send our kids to college, we want to go to the hospital without going bankrupt, we are the ones doing the adulting. 

We need to understand how our government works and understand who is working for who, and influencing our country.

 I am no longer blind and am able to see that the decisions that have been made for us - and sometimes without our knowledge - were not in everyone’s best interest. 

 I want to bring forward various Acts and Legislations that have been set into law that have directly and negatively impacted our citizens. Policies that are extremely visible and being felt by todays mellinials.  
I want to bring you and show you the injustice that is being done in a way that makes sense, uses reason, fact and numbers backed by reputable that you can form an educated and compassionate opinion .
 Sometimes that is by sharing with you, albeit embarrassing at times - real stories I have experienced and dealt with first hand. 

I want to calm the flames of the hate parading around in sheep's clothing. 
Sometimes people, for no nice reason at all,  use other people- or certain groups of people to place their blame. It it a tactic known by many, and called out by few. Those people have no moral conscious and they knew just exactly what they were doing when they did it. 
I want to shed light on Hot Topic issues like Planned Parenthood, Immigration, Institutionalized Racism and bring to you facts, numbers, scientific and governmental statistics for you to form Your Own opinions on. 
Don't fight and commit to a idealogy that you learned from someone elses opinion. 
Humans lie, Science and Numbers do not.  

I'm not done, I want to take it a step further and shed light on politicians, organizations, and corporations who were behind the deceitful manipulation of emotional issues, issues you care about - that are important to you, pursue their own agenda. That in all reality you would honestly find morally reprehensible ...and that is not morally acceptable, or right, or JUST for the leaders of our county to do, or any human for that matter.

 I want you to see the impact of others decisions on American lives so that you can fully understand why I feel it is important that we STAND UP and FIGHT for what we believe in.

There is on candidate out there that will fight for what is right and just and he is Bernie Sanders. I hope you will listen to some of his ideals and help fight this corporate greed battle. Bernie wants us to vote and wants us to become involved in our government because he is For. The. People.

"I'll tell you something no other candidate will tell you! NO. President. Not Bernie Sanders, not ANY Presidential Candidate can do this alone! I don't just Need you to Get To The White House, I Need. You. The. Day. After! Only together can we get what needs to be done, done!"                                      --Bernie Sanders

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